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The keeper is the story of a 35+ motorcycle collection and its guardian.

Official release: June 2018.

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AN. London. May 2018



Alber Noval is a Londoner since 1998. He is a self-taught person that believes any individual must  aim to be the dumbest person in the room at any given time in order to learn anything. He speaks 5 languages and has accepted the fact that he is completely crazy about motorcycles.

From East london he collaborates with Spanish  magazine Revival of the Machine as UK correspondent, staff writer and photographer.  In the past, Alber Noval has been a manager at Ace Cafe London, a shrine for motorcycle enthusiasts and cafe racer lovers all over the world.

In his effort to  get to understand and learn things in first person, without filters, pre arranged palettes or through pictures that others have painted, Alber Noval has travelled 22 countries by motorcycle in a never ending  struggle to get oneself out of comfort zones.

Alber Noval created La Nueve productions in December 2017. Starting from scratch. He has endeavored to produce, shoot, edit and release a documentary a month on his own. In his spare time. Out of his own pocket. But then, Patreon came along…

Now, he has a mission.

A mission that is named Cronicas Geograficas. A geographical chronicle that takes shape in the form of a monthly video release.

After  20 years in London, he has come across people from a myriad of countries and nationalities, that have made his view of the world evolve, mutate and grow towards a place where empathy is the most important asset.

Alber Noval, through La Nueve productions, wants to navigate the capillarity network that stems from friends and acquaintances made in London towards their countries of origin. To describe and document how the networks of the real physical world can lead us to a place of wonder and discovery in first person, to meet real people in real places, where they can help us understand their world. People that independently of what they may do or whoever they may be, if we got them in a room together, the world would take an instant turn for the better. Without filters, without intermediaries. By motorcycle.

Because our universe will be as big or as tiny as our capacity to get ourselves under the skin of the other.

Alber Noval commits to this project all of his spare time. Your engagement will be pivotal to
transform this humble nursery of understanding into a force for good. We are going to need them bridges.

Thanks for being there.